Cambridge mathematics – 3 unit Year 11, Enhanced

Cambridge mathematics – 3 unit Year 11, Enhanced | 5.14 MB
English | 651 Pages

Title: Cambridge 3 Unit Mathematics Year 11 Enhanced Version (Cambridge Secondary Maths (Australia))
Author: William Pender
Year: 2011

Features: • The current and new versions will have the same pagination. • A large number of fully worked examples demonstrate mathematical processes and encourage independent learning. Exercises are carefully graded to suit the range of students undertaking each mathematics course • Online self-marking objective response quizzes provide further opportunities to practice the multiple choice style questions included in HSC Maths exams. 2 Unit / 3 Unit Mathematics: • Foundation questions consolidate fluency and understanding, development questions encourage students to apply their understanding to a particular context. • Extension or Challenge questions inspire further thought and development for advanced students. • The wealth of questions in these three categories enables teachers to make a selection to be attempted by students of differing abilities and provides students with opportunities to practice questions of the standard they will encounter in their HSC exams.


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