All the Math You’ll Ever Need – A Self-Teaching Guide

All the Math You’ll Ever Need – A Self-Teaching Guide | 1.79 MB
English | 333 Pages

Title: All the Math You’ll Ever Need
Author: Wheater, Carolyn C.;Slavin, Steve;
Year: 1999

A sharp mind, like a healthy body, is subject to the same ruleof nature: Use it or lose it
Need a calculator just to work out a 15 percent service charge? Not exactly sure how to get the calculator to give you the figureyou need? Turn to this revised and updated edition of All the MathYou’ll Ever Need , the friendliest, funniest, and easiest workoutprogram around.
In no time, you’ll have total command of all the powerfulmathematical tools needed to make numbers work for you. In adollars-and-cents, bottom-line world, where numbers influenceeverything, none of us can afford to let our math skills atrophy.This step-by-step personal math trainer:

  • Refreshes practical math skills for your personal andprofessional needs, with examples based on everyday situations.
  • Offers straightforward techniques for working with decimals and fractions.
  • Demonstrates simple ways to figure discounts, calculatemortgage interest rates, and work out time, rate, and distance problems.
  • Contains no complex formulas and no unnecessary technical terms.


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