Access VBA Programming For Dummies

Access VBA Programming For Dummies | 8.19 MB
English | 411 Pages

Title: Access VBA Programming For Dummies
Author: Alan Simpson
Year: 2004

Create more powerful Access applications and databases!

This friendly, easy-to-use guide shows experienced Access users how to use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to not only build Access databases and applications, but also:

  • Covers programming fundamentals for nonprogrammers
  • Includes practical, ready-to-use VBA code examples that readers can type or copy and paste from the Web into their own database projects
  • Explains basic VBA skills and concepts for nonprogrammers, such as procedures, variables, and loops
  • Covers more advanced topics, such as record sets and other programming activities that are unique to Access programming

These authors have written more than ninety computer books and have been working with databases since the early 1980s


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